monomanic tripsycote


kingdom of earth in heaven

 flood resistant house of jesu

 exorcised second amendment rite

physical manifestation of obsolete ritual

indeed the good news is true
the four songs of obsolete ritual have manifested themselves
at Zero Budget Records
obsolete ritual aa
along the cancerous sun lines
following the left hand path
at an angle righteous to the 
just a little bit more work by you
and the four songs of obsolete ritual
will manifest at your dwelling

your flesh will come into direct contact

 zero budget records

existains rehabuality

   omnino legero disciplinam

proluo obcido itero

novo annuumm psychotic predilictions

evergent convolution

total greyscape
surveying the redestruction 
indeed the war on christians 
has gone well the cities and malls and homes
are no more in the background radiation 
skylines glowing in the dying light
in the midground to useless bits
a total greyscape ovbastard son
foreground and foretold utter devastation

homo flexis complex
deep underground in the top secret
bottom floor state facility
144,00 on order
sealed with colorful hydrocarbons
rubber latex injection mording
polyamoratic belief systems
are the normality but molality

evergent convolution
(homo flexis var. hyperdeformis)
lower levels below the
bowels of mercy
the birthing source code

rebirth escape
and now a perspective shifts
the narrator exits as a storied line enters

uppers and downers snakes and ladders
bodily descent to hell
heavenly ascent in esprit de corps
but no net change is recorded
vord owt homo euthagnosticans

pneumass recitation

up and down the codex we go
next stop mourning alpha base stop codon

first a shattering
next of kin burning

step off the ladder
free form fall

filtering ancient hyperocean sentiments
new precepetion emurges
reciting pneumass
(to the for the masses equals ate the masses)
lithidor iodor