the message spreads wide and far
a multi-fractured approach
total euthagnostic annihilation
is available to all multiversechorusversechorusbridgeversechorus
the pathways are many and modulate frequently
128 is the number of changes traditionally given
available along 16
but this is arbitrary
all resolve to standardized realm of absolute omniness
gaze upon these glyphs of the neo-ancients
break your hydrocarbon chains
extinguish the metabolically fire
organelles driving the
of pain despair desire attachment
4sight and afterthought
inside out and out thru the in sighd door
fack and borth with the
topoaerohydrographic line
moment after moment after moment
ftr mmnt ftr mmnt ftr
mmnt mf mr
memento mofo mori
yarg ool snarkvag!
snarkvaggit dool knieg!
vaat fflok vottogg!
varten flastuul vorg!
wieg klust wieg klon!

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