the third of unit

all visions are truth
and so we see
our bodies in peaces
a limbic here a limbic there
and we abide
in the endless death realms


transparent death

new music soon swoon muse 
in in 
in nightingales blow in new music
soon soon soon so
it is called
o holy mutilated one so oh ho ho so
so so new music soon
and soonoos yes oh yes nooseesoon
the press released
new music

maybe nexy godname cycle
maybe nextus newness moon
preceeding a summering solstice 
or maybe next sun rise

annual rebirth plan

up earthen heaven work

rebirth after rebirth
the demi urges nigh
impossible to resist
the promise of
permanence and reward
entices enslaves enfeebles

down heathen weave ork

those of the 
deny this
life reality
thriving in the
infinite true
dreams ov
death realms

dekodieren ringerlein nicht in be griffen

improper pnemass fittings (and correction procedures)

(an exemplum ano)
the chalice is ready
but the flask is dry and resistant 

(in excelsis duo)
the chalice is broken
the icon devalued

(non exemplary tros(
the chalice spilts
and stains the prayer rugs
 (exempli gratis)
the chalice is half overflowed
the icon given values

(ex mort machina quarto ed)
the chalice is just rite with blood
the icon resistance enough for proper death 
by self electro throne

four further instructions two step for sea a change be low

monomanic tripsycote


kingdom of earth in heaven

 flood resistant house of jesu

 exorcised second amendment rite