what was left behind

it is time
the room is ready
we chant
the font is baptised
for the new roman time
sans seraphim
the majuscule demibold
is cast down into ultra black
hell vetica
and so
arial ascends the heights
in dramatic metastyle

the journey looked easy
but proved to be difficult
we continued the journey alone
by water down the great river
the wreckage
the derelictage
ad old age
a pro verbose
flotose to jetose
the way is blocked
before us
the leftmost tunnel
muck, mud, and ooze
above us
barbed wire
to our sides
wire fences
behind us 
the past

but somehow
we make it ashore
what is this landscape before us

excuse me for a moment will you

you there
what are you doing
do you even think before you act
look before you take another step in this ashsnowsand
for all you have done you are about to end up exactly
where you started

you turn your will over to the mfdk
you are helpless on your own
only the mfdk can guide you
only the mfdk can show you the steps to take
only the mfdk can show you a path
only the mfdk