the mouth is full of soil

while on the pathway
it is noticed that the mouth is full of soil
rich black moist
the realization is surprising
sloughed of skin feces organic particulates
attempts are made to expel the material
nematodes isopods larva of various kinds
but it never seems to fully leave the buccal cavity
bacterium mycelium a full spectrum
of sacred designs
preparations have not been made
to receive this transformative material
the reaction is disgust
(especially the taste of earthworms)
the wandering continues
with discarded clods left along the pathway

circadian apocalypse song cycle

we are please to share these four songs of the circadian apocalypse song cycle

circadian apocalypse

transmision of the song cycle
circadian apocalypse
nears completion
four aspects of
set transcendent tones
earthcore drums
vocal essence of
vomit and blood

this is music to reflect
on the minute deaths
the hourly endings
the daily destructions
inherent in conditioned existence

levels of experience

lightening flashes
and we are off with a bang
from the rarifried heights of the pyrosphere
we descend
10 mysterious islands (plus one hidden/ false)
rise from the watery depths
3 vessels carry messages to worlds
before and after
along well established lines
(-..-). . . -!
what creatures lurk in the depths below
what do we make of it
unless we conscent to desent
the landscape teems with life
coarse in its scales, exoskeletons, and slime sheaths
but by this we remember that we have known
the finer subtler realms of experience
we hike we climb we swim
we adventure
trapdoors open to
realms still lower
there are gifts to be given here
if one shows the wisdom to accept
there are flames to burn the flesh
useless in this sub terrain
there are invocations and rituals
per virtutem cinereo calvarium
but still you find yourself in
a maze meant
of sensation perception phenomena
real eyes
that the flash of lightening
starts from the ground-up
remains of lessons to be

crepuscular exegesis

work on new music is nearly complete
crepuscular exegesis
neither night nor day
neither on nor off
not alive
not dead
we sing of the shadowy intermediates
the critical transition between


we retreat to the forest
to reflect on the pastpresentfuture
what iswaswillbe harvested
what iswaswillbe allowed to die
what iswaswillbe prepared


layer after layer
we scrap the dust and grim
tabernacle revealing
distinct strata

omicron horizon
varied states of decay
alpha horizon
rich in organic matter, caused and effect
features homogenized ego
calcification, fornification, and pontification
addition and loss the dominant process

beta horizon
relics and runes
forms granular, blocky, or prismatic structures
hexahexahexaoxides present
often prone to the erosive effects of dogma
characterized by transformations

gamma horizon
forgotten tombs, hidden grottoes, and secret names
sublimetion and illumination
eon long time scales

omega horizon
nondual parent material
anti-schist and euthagniesis


all oriffices are ohohohpen
for servicing
moistrong and wideep
that's right
fastnbulbous creatures
float about
quivering jellies coaxed by enticing pseudopods
a blastopore puckers in anticipation
T and A! T and A!
C and G! C and G!
assert to insert
your yin must be yanged!
and then
the fallacy ov your phleshly ways
becomes apparent
sagging leakage wasted and wan
becomes the mindbodyspirit
+ u r
left unprepared for death

circadian apocalypse rhythm n+1

a quest abandoned
wandering across plains of
omens of indeterminacy ignored
the lift man offers one last 
the sacred venue entered
o glorious sounds
o brilliant lights
o exalted liquids and solids
o pportunities
from a state of organic dissolution
to one of sublimed deathly radiance
the band
thrashing rage
bashing smashing crashing
frying annihilating you
a wall of sonic sound
energy screams magic and dreams

and now
inthe midnitehour
hearthe music makeadip
heylittle sister whosyour
twilight of the idols
without deathritualmusic
life would be a mistake

necronaut kadet

visionary sounds
of an aurical

experiences of deathafterdeathafterdeath
the necronaut has to need for the
interferences and confusions of life
the necronaut travels
station 2 station
4 ultimorte realization

Reverse Immolsis

a new song from Euthagnosis


the complexity of the creation life cycle
is carefully considered
a quiescent protonymph stage
is useful
prior to the final stages of
and musical finalzation

burn to the blast beat of a different drummer

this image of the pastpresentfuture
mutua assurta destructium
the divine spark arrives unbidden
though meager kindling
you ignite and weakly burn
until experience fuels the fire
and emotion fans the flames
now a raging fire burning all before it
consuming all before it
only to dissipate into uselessnesselesu
as is the nature of rampant life
but those with foundational awareness
burn to the blast beat of a different drummer
and practice the art and doctrine of
reverse immolsis
and burn with the energy of
one million blackened death suns
ultimum autem figuras

reverse immolsis

a fragment of the reverse immolsis document
obtained under dangerous circumschisms
great personal cost and
testiculogical difficulties
we are finishing work on a new music
based on this obscure practice
rhythms are recorded and distorted
instruments with strings are abused
production of
blood and vomit
is all the remains to obtain completion

example of necronaut headgear circa midlate Orthonoscene
for rudimentree work perhaps only maybe
note keyhole breathing apparatus cleverly dialed from within
2input 2 output for work in biatmospheric conditions
true bypass palatial expander usually included but missing from this example
necronaut sarcofago improbably from the late Orthonoscene perhaps from poorly recorded presenter period
numerous design elements re(in)duce trauma causation by karmic nightmares
prominently displayed are trivalvic nocturnal emissions system perhaps serving more of a selective function ie bigger valves correlate with higher success rate despite reductions in fitness
tuscon red bulbous interface is counter intuitively characteristic of this sort of thing

seekers and sufferers
heed these characters of EUTHAGNOSIS
the angel of death
delivers on time
the blackest dememens
spread the good news
of libelation
sukers and seefferers
ofl ib'el at ion
read then, good spews
sememens est black deth
im eton de livers
death to the angels

two new songs
reasoned death wish
terrorizing rebirth
infitude of
attitude of


and a visual guide

grant my
grant my
reasoned death wish
grant my
death wish
grant my
reasoned death wish

terrorizing rebirth
terrorizing rebirth
ad nauseam
ad infinitum
ad enoidees
ad dictioning

final preparations
for two new songs
reasoned death wish
terrorizing rebirth

we leave the celebration
for the solitude
of the forest

we are pleased to present
mass extinction event ii

sounds of the late D mass extinction event 
a commentary on the truths of death of renewal of change
of endless cycles
of the reality of the pastpresentfuture

a consideration of ritual

the obedient one
the offering
messengers of the neo-ancient ones reveal themselves