circadian apocalypse rhythm n+1

a quest abandoned
wandering across plains of
omens of indeterminacy ignored
the lift man offers one last 
the sacred venue entered
o glorious sounds
o brilliant lights
o exalted liquids and solids
o pportunities
from a state of organic dissolution
to one of sublimed deathly radiance
the band
thrashing rage
bashing smashing crashing
frying annihilating you
a wall of sonic sound
energy screams magic and dreams

and now
inthe midnitehour
hearthe music makeadip
heylittle sister whosyour
twilight of the idols
without deathritualmusic
life would be a mistake

necronaut kadet

visionary sounds
of an aurical

experiences of deathafterdeathafterdeath
the necronaut has to need for the
interferences and confusions of life
the necronaut travels
station 2 station
4 ultimorte realization