levels of experience

lightening flashes
and we are off with a bang
from the rarifried heights of the pyrosphere
we descend
10 mysterious islands (plus one hidden/ false)
rise from the watery depths
3 vessels carry messages to worlds
before and after
along well established lines
(-..-). . . -!
what creatures lurk in the depths below
what do we make of it
unless we conscent to desent
the landscape teems with life
coarse in its scales, exoskeletons, and slime sheaths
but by this we remember that we have known
the finer subtler realms of experience
we hike we climb we swim
we adventure
trapdoors open to
realms still lower
there are gifts to be given here
if one shows the wisdom to accept
there are flames to burn the flesh
useless in this sub terrain
there are invocations and rituals
per virtutem cinereo calvarium
but still you find yourself in
a maze meant
of sensation perception phenomena
real eyes
that the flash of lightening
starts from the ground-up
remains of lessons to be