collecting apparatus - separator

also known as a bxrlxex tunnel it consists of a tunnel over which a veil is placed the tunnel leads into a respectacle which contains a preservative over the top of the tunnel a clear light mind is placed by which the truth of mystery drive the humans down into the fall into the respectacle arac kor special con taineris i soft enem ployed tosu port the tunnel weresource hot steamy and available a water jacket, ore coils, hollow tubing witch greatly reduces premature apocalyptic devastation

modulating ego

we rescend to a more material plane
with these sightsandsounds
of transfomation

festival of smothering

the festival smothering
observed by many
in the nearly distant future
a confusion
in the correlative relationship
between life and death
the asphyxiphant leads the congestation
expectarants are high
as the landscape fills
with giant smothering pentagons
but we choose to look beyond this scene
and observe
first we examine the vehicle
lesser or greater we can not tell
it is on apathway
a crowd gathers
this death bus
operates on a
nondualistic route
a scene of violence
how do we interpret this
a conflict of
east vs west
(but we agree that the spell has been cast)
dead things in the marsh
clammy things
an unorthodox observance
of the festival
in the midway
observe the
enterstellarlightened amphibimensch
and most important
we see one who has glimpsed wisdom
and pleads for exemption
for the festival of smothering
in the end
is meaningless
and is not a path to
total euthagnostic annihilation