garden at night

a number of rotations
past the equinox
we stroll into a garden
at night
the moon no longer full
but still casts a bright light
we find a shadow
in the corner of a crumbling wall
did we miss something
something of momentous import
we drain our cup
and continue our stroll

black door azured in the verdant

you find yourself
standing at the black door
now locked
as they are always are at this hour
your entry
was deemed "simplistic"
and "unfocused"
yet the judges showed pause pause pause
less than disinstrested
but the recently late evening
is warm moist close
inappropriately so
for this orbital position and tilt
turgor opening perfuming
observe the stirrings
in duff loam
O the excitement of
without guides
the id commences
the ancient names are remembered
the hierarchies reviewed
but regardless
there is growingbirthingmatingfeedingceasinganddecay
without pause or reflection
regret or despair
generating generating generating
form after form after form
iterating iterating iterating
endless opportunities for the obtainment
for death (with a capital dee)
[did we mention the kickass fountain in scene two]