you run to the city

seated at the table are figures attempted civilities but one dominates with three supporting the ridiculous best described as codependents what do they gain are they fearful or despondent or deluded u look at the scene and perhaps assume the standing figure is addict but no this is one who attempts to break free "u fucking asshole can you not see one step in front of you do you not see the boulder that has been dropped in the waters rippling tipping and submerging" oh
do you really want to go down this path small one
and so
we see next the open warfare that begins
figures from the east walk down the street
dangerous assassins from soul
with future death weapons
nonononononononononononononononono onon
they slaughter everyone you cared4
you run to the city
there you experience
. . .
fierce warriortrons
searching necronauts
new kulture and
stranger mystics
and the preparations are
you fly into battle
double bass drums pounding
dual guitaring anthem screaming
4 string mother fucker
sword slashing
amp u tate many many armed beasts
plenty of head room for
thy mighty axe to slice
shredding monster fleshboard
hammer on hammer on hammer on
and on and on and on
it won't stop
one path chosen
out of of of