the songs mastered
the ritual navigated
soon ur will
be available
2 all
2 par take
in the neo-ancient

high caliber opinion piece

the question has been asked does the euthagnostic universe view support gun controlling
while our nearly finited perspective rarely crosses such supra mundane matters
we understand that our msg has found manifestation in a timeplace where such a question has paramountilary import
a time when the desperate clinging to life reaches dangerous unstabilty
we see ownership of such implements as expressions of fear anger pride merely only
of consumption of the three deadly poisons
of commitment of seven or more deadly sins
of verb of (article) x adjective plural nouns
a denial of the truly beautiful euthagnostic ideals
of individualized reasonable deaths wishes
of conscienentible suicide
of necronautic exploration
ownership of gun fosters an unwholesome self preservation idea and obsession with organic existence these shady criminals these shadowy terrorists these dark immigrationists let them harm steal kill let them carve up your soft white flesh and drain the blue blood lines to the earth and eat your fresh beating red heart