across the nearly distant event horizon

across the nearly distant event horizon
(so closer than you, thinker)
war wages at a minimum but increases in values
we see the following
homo asuragati mo'baka rohito
delusions of a trumped up greater era
of a power that was never in their possession of power still to rule
seething with anger and hate
manyarmedmen redneckedloons assholes and dickheads
rise up to reclaim what they never had and so never lost
and lose so much more then they ever knew possible
in a deva the gati baby
don't you know
these beings so beyond
and way out
finally notice and set aside their
standards ethics planks and platforms
and act
relentless disintegration rays
heavenly bombing campaigns of surgical prescience
"we go to the forest with stealth"
here lies the trooooooth for soooooth
the means to transcend
pain misery strife decay
the means to end life
the realm of the motherfuckindethkult
of the super numinary luminary
of neo ancient wisdom supremdom
of the infinite peace to be found in

Carpedium Arcadium

unspoiled nether regions
paradisium de gyroscopis
chants in the sacred grotto
aspirantum e supplicantum
the request is made
permitto nos funeriem desiderium

Mistakes Were Made

previewed from the to be completed works of sanctus egreginoose
common mistakes made by the aspiring necronaut
as a euthagnostic journey beginins
jumping flapping screeching
through the glass house
in your batshitcrazy costume
look at me look at me
im freaky styly cooly
but one wrong door opens
to reveal
true fucking horror
with supplicated hematophagist
two appendages kneeling at the altar
two folded over instrument of thunder volcano music
two raised in praised in the sacred hollowed wood
dangerous bad man who make bad choices in the neighboring yard you gather the children up in your arms and try to shield their eyes and ears and minds from these coarse individuals and their degenerate manners smoking drinking wasted lives broken glass
you worry about the harm that will come to the innocents and you worry about lures and negative influence but most you worry about your image as one who acts ethically for the betterment of all in upholding ideals and right living do you stand up to the bad men because if you don't you're false and weak but you are and so afraid and afraid of losing the respect but life must be lived to a certain standard isn't right exclusive of wrong is inclusive or is it the expectations that matter over mind ororor pleasure vs pain vsvsvs fatherfatherfather what will you do
exhibit a
darkened glass house moments after revelation and subsequent flight
exhibit b
golden gates
exhibit c1
car crash with one fatality
exhibit c2
car crash with head injury releasing tremendous psychic powers
exhibit d
you sneak away with your stupid bat costume
exhibit e
generic fast food drive through
exhibit f
for fucking A your companion kicks major ass despite multiple stab wounds
walking walking walking noticing listen listen look walking walking thought walking listen look judge walking pause look thought thought judge remembering projecting judge judge walk up walk up walk up hand motions walk in walk sit order wait drink order wait drink notice notice drink wait converse drink laugh forget it just fucking forget it . . . look spin . . . stagger . . . touch . . . just one more first . . . touch flesh black out. . . awaken vomit spin . . . oh not again again again why can't I fucking just die who is knocking yelling someone else is crying and someone's yelling and
kingdom of riyal used neo ancients
is split onto the phylum of
beith luis fears
the courts of
sailed nuinn heather and
during tine coll
sacred order of nomenclatures
query nuinn gort
klaatu barada nikto
and lower still the family names
nge teal strain ruis ailm on
the urgenius chants in unison
our fathermotherother unit
under construction and ruin
hollowed and maimed
the will unredone
in cyberearth technonecroheaven
give us this data our data beta
and forgive us out trust passes as
four ghost and past trestles
and lead us into tempered stations
for spines isthmus dongkom
the flower and the glory
four ever an dever