across the nearly distant event horizon

across the nearly distant event horizon
(so closer than you, thinker)
war wages at a minimum but increases in values
we see the following
homo asuragati mo'baka rohito
delusions of a trumped up greater era
of a power that was never in their possession of power still to rule
seething with anger and hate
manyarmedmen redneckedloons assholes and dickheads
rise up to reclaim what they never had and so never lost
and lose so much more then they ever knew possible
in a deva the gati baby
don't you know
these beings so beyond
and way out
finally notice and set aside their
standards ethics planks and platforms
and act
relentless disintegration rays
heavenly bombing campaigns of surgical prescience
"we go to the forest with stealth"
here lies the trooooooth for soooooth
the means to transcend
pain misery strife decay
the means to end life
the realm of the motherfuckindethkult
of the super numinary luminary
of neo ancient wisdom supremdom
of the infinite peace to be found in