Codex Fragmentio

 a commonality in euthagnostic works is the inverse relationship between the clarity of the language employed and the truthfulness of the message being presented
75 - 89% visibility
indeed when one is measured with accuracy, the other fades into obfuscation . . . 
25 - 74% caution advised
. . . logos and lexis exist in a state of perpetual, interconnected motion, two orbiting bodies that wax and wan through predictable cycles when viewed from the graphos center of gravity . . .
 Don't believe the commentary 
The metaphor can be extended further as the system of graphoslogos, and lexis appear to be part of a larger, yet undiscovered system; a sun and two planets orbiting some distant, undetected object. 
The commentator seeks to deceive
Gaster, Phallo MF, et al. "Trialectic Model of Euthagnostic Subimago Memes" Black Box, special issue of Pentathallis, vol. lmx, no. mkii, 2017, pp. 93-97.